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Thank You!!!

To everyone who swung by to check us out, THANK YOU!!!! Thank you for making me feel welcome in the neighborhood. Thank you for traveling to see what we're about, and thank you for admitting that you've been stalking us for all these months. Today was everything! Thank you. 

Thank you!

Big thank you to Robyn at 17 Hands Coffee, Genevieve at Kelly's, Drew at Shirt Quarters, and Ms. Lisa at Alisa's Soul Food & More. We do our best to support local businesses and they've done their best to help us through these tough times. 

There were more local businesses involved that helped us as well. Jim and Craig Plumbing, Steve at IA Electric, Richard and Andre at Precision Pest Control, Mark at Edge Mechanical, Luisa at DIY Treasures and Gifts/ Nationwide, Aubrey at State Farm, Kevin at Gilly's and probably more. It takes a village to raise a business. Our neighbors helped get me started and I can't wait to pay it forward once we get our legs under us. Shop local. 

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