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Meet The Team

VaBeach Butter Pecan.jpg

Virginia Beach Butter Pecan

Instant Classic

This is our most labor-intensive flavor, but it is worth every bite. The pecans are chopped, toasted in butter, and dashed with a hint of goodness. The caramel is made with real brown sugar and cooked down to nice blonde brown. The caramel is dashed with sea salt and folded into the ice cream to age overnight before we start the mixing process. Once frozen down we top it off with another type of caramel that brings tears of joy. This ice cream is a mood. 


Lemon Cake

What you will brag about

This is the flavor that will have you coming back. It tastes like a homemade lemon cake. Even better, I discovered this flavor by accident. You want to have this as a Sundae. " Lemon Cake, Strawberry Lemon Ice Cream, topped with a Blueberry Lemon Compote , Whipped Cream, and Cherry"


Cookies on Cookies and Cream


Ice Cream does exist beneath all that cookie dust. What we did was deliver the standard Cookies and Cream with crushed Oreo's but to add a little something extra we used Chip Ahoy and Cookie Butter.  


Mini Me 1

Scouting Department

He really leans into his work. Always ready to find new competition and see if they're a threat to our ice cream empire. 


Ghirardelli Peppermint Bark

Christmas Special

We had a few too many peppermints on the tree this year. Now we've got another recipe in the book for next year.


Mint Oreo

Mint for Greatness

Quick back story about the background. The Josh's at Home Depot on Lynnhaven Pkwy in the rental department took the time to go the extra mile in helping me solve a problem. As a thank you, I made Josh Sn some "Mint Cookie Dough" which you see in the background.

For mint lovers, you can't go wrong with mint, so long as you have enough mint. You get mint two ways with us. In the ice cream and in the mint oreos


Half Baked Cookie Dough

The Chef's Favorite

Anyone who knows me knows that I love cookies. What we have here is cookie dough ice cream with soft-baked cookies AND cookie dough. To top it all off, we add some COOKIE BUTTER #gamechanger


Cocoa Roche

Fererro Rocher & Chocolate Ice Cream

No idea if this will make it into the ice cream cabinet however, it's a recipe that's in the book. Chocolate lovers love all things chocolate. We believe in giving the people what they want. Chocolate!


Mini Me 2

Scouting Department

She is our toughest critic. However, she's also the first to try all the flavors, sometimes more than once.

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